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Mama Chen's Kitchen

About Us

Mama Chen’s Kitchen was born out of the covid-19 lockdowns. Having cooked for the family for the past 40 years. The youngest daughter decided it was time for the world to try out Mama Chen’s skillful cooking and for the daughter to learn from the mother’s passed down recipes from generations.

Grew up with a mixture of Chinese cultures, born and raised in Hong Kong. With the mother from Taiwan and father from Hong Kong with lineage tracing to Xiqiao, Guangdong. There has always been a fusion of regional Chinese dishes on the table, Mama Chen always tries to source the best of the ingredients and cooks everything from scratch as much as possible. Continuous refining recipes until perfection.

After moving to England to study at a young age. The daughter realised what she missed the most was home cooked food, especially Mama Chen’s cooking. From that onward, she started to develop her skills from connecting with the mother and from researches. She begun to noticed that a lot of food from her childhood is slowly fading from the tradition and culture. This inspired her to not let the tradition nor the culture to disappear from the history. Over the years, this learning has blossomed into a passion and finally have the courage to devote into something greater.

2020年全英封城階段有了創業的念頭,所以小女子決定與媽媽共同創立「Mama Chen's Kitchen」,媽媽是台灣人,嫁與來自香港的爸爸平常喜愛製作各式港式和台式小點。「Mama Chen's Kitchen」將每季推出充滿愛的各式港式台式小吃,為你帶來家的味道和溫暖。